MetroWest Regional Transit Authority


The Milford Route 14 schedule runs from 6:30 am to 8:24 pm, Monday through Friday.

This  route will provide a fixed route transportation system within the town of Milford and will make 15 stops including stops at Quarry Square, Target, Town Hall, Senior Center, Police Station/Post Office, Milford Hospital, Rolling Green, Birmingham Court, Hannaford, and Kohls.

This route will also connect Milford residents into the existing MWRTA fixed route system. Riders looking to make the connection can do so by transferring to the Route 6 bus at Mission Springs on Summer Street in Holliston, and then take the bus into Framingham where transfers can be made to other routes at the Framingham MBTA Station, Banana Lot and the Blandin Hub. And it gets better! The MWRTA uses the Charlie Card! Yes, the same Charlie Card the MBTA uses on the light rail and buses in Boston. Both regular and senior/disabled Charlie Cards are available at the Blandin Hub. Regular Charlie Cards are also available on all MWRTA fixed route buses. The MWRTA offers travel training to help familiarize and assist with trip planning for those who are unfamiliar with the fixed route system. Anyone interested in speaking with a Travel Trainer should call the MWRTA at 508-935-2222.